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What works well for singing during Communion? How can participation be fostered, when people are walking up and down the aisles of the church? What can you sing when many don't want to carry any kind of a book in their hands?

During the distribution of Communion, while the procession is going on, it is usually effective to rely on nothing more than a simple response to a litany or, more commonly, a simple refrain. In both cases, the people's part can readily be learned by heart. The verses of such a song can be sung by the cantor, a small lead group, or perhaps even a choir.

A metrical hymn, without a refrain, even a familiar hymn, will often not work well during a Communion, because the people who sing it have to hold a book in their hands. Instead, the following songs will be more practical, most of the time, because there is just a short refrain for the congregation. Musical interest is provided by the choir, singing the verses, perhaps in harmony.

Canticle of the Gift-in B minor
arr. by Pulkingham, Betty, ISBN 091586651X.

Canticle of the Gift-in A minor
arr. by Russakoff, Mark L., ISBN 0915866501.

Holy Father-SATB
by Rogalski, Peter, ISBN 0915866285.

In Bread that is Broken-SATB
by O'Brien, Mary Ann, ISBN 0915866315.

In Bread that is Broken-Full Score
by O'Brien, Mary Ann, ISBN 0915866315.

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