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Psalter: A Collection of Responsorial Psalms for Use at Mass -Ringbound
1999-10 - Hardcover
ACP Publications

Psalter: A Collection of Responsorial Psalms for Use at Mass -Ringbound
By Russakoff, Mark L.
Editor Dandurand, Jeanette
Editor Broderick, Virginia

This ACP Psalter provides complete settings of the Responsorial Psalms sung after the First Reading at Sunday Mass. Music for the verses is taken from just five Gregorian Chant tones; the Peregrinus tone is used for Passion Sunday. In this Psalter, you have one book for the whole three-year cycle of the Lectionary: years A, B, and C. Therefore, you can use this Psalter indefinitely, year after year, as long as the same Psalms are in use. This Psalter is compatible with all English-language hymnals and missalettes in use, since the same text is used everywhere in the Roman Rite in the U.S.

Publisher Comments

With every order for the ACP Psalter, we also ship a complimentary copy of Singing the Psalms: Why and How, an expanded version of the introduction to the Psalter. This book will provide a practical guide to the use of the Responsorial Psalm in the liturgy, especially at Sunday Mass. For a limited time, then, with your order for the Psalter, you get a free copy of Singing the Psalms.

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