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It is Right and Just-SATB (Dostoyno Jest)
2004-12 -
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It is Right and Just-SATB (Dostoyno Jest)
By Bortniansky, Dmytro
Editor Charles Fenton

This is a song of praise to the Virgin Mary, sung in the Byzantine Liturgy, during the Anaphora, the Eucharistic Prayer, after the invocation of the Holy Spirit, the epiclesis. In the Roman Liturgy, It Is Right and Just would be sung at another time in the celebration. This song would be especially appropriate during Advent and on Feasts of Mary, such as January 1, August 15, December 8 and 12, and similar occasions.

Publisher Comments

Here is the text of this song:

It is right and just to bless you, O Virgin Mary,
holy, humble, ever loyal;
and, among all women, O how blest are you.
More honorable than the Cherubim,
and beyond compare,
more glorious than the Seraphim,
who gave birth to Jesus Christ,
the living Word of God.
O Mary, Mother of the Lord,
we praise you, now and forever.

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