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I Lift My Soul-2 Part
1992-05 -
ACP Publications

I Lift My Soul-2 Part
By Buck, Daniel [text]
Author Downey, Mark [brass settings]
Author Wojcik, Richard [organ accompaniment]

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Whenever Psalm 25 is appropriate, I Lift My Soul can be sung at Mass as a Psalm after the First Reading, since the text is close to the biblical original. Other appropriate times are the Preparation of Gifts and after Communion. I Lift My Soul is effective for days of recollection, RCIA prayer sessions, penance services, and funerals. Since Psalm 25 is the traditional Psalm for Advent, I Lift My Soul would be appropriate on all four Sundays before Christmas.

This octavo includes flute and organ accompaniment.

In addition to the standard version of I Lift My Soul, the American Catholic Hymnbook provides two additional settings of this Psalm, especially adapted for funerals.

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